Is your startup idea at risk, because you don't know if people will actually buy?

What are you doing about it?


What if you could save time and money by knowing if your idea will sell before you build it?

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A better way to validate ideas
What if you could see live data on how people are interacting with your product - before you spend months building it ?
Fastest Way To Find Out If Your Idea Will Sell
What if there was an inexpensive way to find out if customers will buy before you build anything?
The best way to predict the viability of your product
Imagine getting feedback on your idea before you spend too much time and money building it?
Testing your idea before you build

The ultimate data toolkit

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, whether it's a new product idea or a current campaign

Is your idea viable?
Spend less time on your marketing efforts by using our dashboards to help determine viability of your product before spending money on development and production
What Are They Thinking?
Discover insights into what people are thinking about the features they want in products and how much they're willing to pay for them
Will They Buy Dashboard
5 minutes from signup to capturing real customer interest.
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How it works

We'll help you create a beautiful, mobile-friendly component. Embed on your website and watch it convert visitors into actionable data in real time.

Create an idea testing experiment

1. Create an Experiment

Design Made Easy

With our experiment builder, creating an experiment is quick and easy. Set the fields you want to test such as color, size and quantity or leave out the fields and generate a button so that you can test plan pricing models.

Embed your test experiment on any landing page

2. Embed it on a Landing Page

Optimized For Conversions

After we generate the code for you, just copy & paste it onto any page of your site, whether it be Wordpress, Clickfunnels, Thrive Suite, Hubspot, Elementor, Mailchimp, or even plain html - It's that simple!

Capture user intent

3. Run Traffic

Instant data

Kick your marketing into gear and send traffic from social media, Facebook and Google Ads, newsletters etc.

Once people show intent by clicking on a buy button, their preferences are stored immediately in your dashboard. Then a popup is shown to the user with your customized message and a request for their email.* They are then redirected to a page of your choice.

*Added bonus. If they enter their email, they are added to your marketing newsletter list eg Mailchimp. This way you build your list and once you launch you have a willing set of buyers already.

Run facebook or Google ads to your page and visualize your idea test results

4. Get Immediate Results

Optimized For Conversions

Our dashboard updates in real time so you can see how many people would convert. Imagine getting the data on which colors people actually want, which plans are clicked the most (yearly, monthly and at which price point), which sizes you should make, the possibilities to test any aspect of your product or service are now available - no more guessing, no more spending money before validation!

5 minutes from signup to capturing real customer interest.
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What about traditional methods of validating ideas?

Traditional methods such as customer surveys, asking people directly, hanging out in forums, scouring Facebook or counting traffic to a landing page is no longer sufficient today.

In an emotional world, what people say they want and what they actually buy, are two separate things. Short of someone actually buying your product, a clear intention to buy is what you want as validation.

And whats clearer than an actual click on a buy button ?

Build vs Validate

Why shouldn't I just start building my product right away?

Consider the time and money you will be pouring into an unvalidated idea. There are so many hidden costs that once you start this journey it could all be for nothing if no-one wants to buy what you are selling.

The following are just some of the things you will need to think about if you are building a digital product. For a physical product you have to consider sampling, packaging, shipping, storage, distribution etc


Create you own in Photoshop or buy one either online from one of the logo makers such as Namecheap's Logo Maker or hire someone on Fiverr to make you one, its a lot of effort either way to get it right.


You'll need an admin template for your app and choosing one, then spending the cash is a small risk, but still its money that you could be wasting if the layout and code doesn't work for you.


UX is an underrated factor in the success of your offering. Whether its a SaaS app or you're firing up an ecommerce store on Shopify, how the app flows is going to take a some time to figure out.

Business Logic

This is the guts of your application and will take a LOT of time to code up. Even worse if you're paying a developer by the hour or even fixed rate, its going to get expensive. Once you start you will find all sorts of things you never thought of.


Whats a SaaS or service offering without authentication? How do you control who does what on the app and how do you ensure your plan limits or service is not abused?


Billing integration is absolutely vital but full of pitfalls and a lot of boilerplate setup whether its Stripe or Paypal.


Setting up a database, even in the cloud, is not for the feint hearted. A lot of thought has to go into the design and access patterns.


The architecture of your offering has to be mapped out and will often evolve as you start to code and its no easy task to get it right off the bat.


An often overlooked aspect of your solution is how its secured. If you're using Shopify you may not have to worry, but for custom Stripe and other integrations as well as well general code security, there is a lot to think about.


This is a rabbit hole in itself and setting up the marketing aspect from FB and Google ads, to social media promotions, to copy, etc is incredibly time consuming if you dont know whether or not your service or product will sell.


How are you going to help your users before, during and after the sale? Consider the time implications and costing of setting up chat widgets, support tickets and knowledge bases.


All products and services need documentation. Not only customer facing but backend and technical documentation which can take ages to write and need constant updating. Why write all these before you've tested & validated your product.

Try this instead

Experiment for ecommerce or saas

Customer's Review

I've wasted so much money and time over the years with one failed project after another. I always jumped straight into building the solution before i even knew people had any interest in what I was selling. With WillTheyBuy I'm able to rapidly embed experiments into landing pages and see exactly what people intend to buy. This way I save 90% of my costs and time if the idea is going nowhere.
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Jennifer Ford
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You have questions?

Answers to ensure you have all the information you need to get started.

Can this be used for ecommerce?

The experiments can be embedded into any landing page where you can inject custom html.

Can I test my pricing plans for SaaS with this?

You can generate experiments for any type of pricing plan by not adding fields to your experiment. Simply copy and paste the embedded experiment code into your pricing plan where your button would normally be.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

We keep your data for a period in case you want to re-subscribe. After this time your experiments and their results will be deleted from our system.

Do you offer refunds?

You can sign up for the free plan and verify that this is the right way to attack your new idea. However we are very certain that validating your idea at a very reasonable price is waaaaaay cheaper than building something in the first place.

What marketing integrations do you support?

Initially, Mailchimp, because it has a free plan that covers the basics of getting started with newsletters. We will be adding more integrations soon.

Can I A/B test with this?

Yes you can. Simply create 2 experiments and then paste embed code A into test page A and embed code B into test page B.

Is your startup idea at risk, because you don't know if people will actually buy? What are you doing about it?

Find out if people will buy before you start writing code, subscribing to services or setting up a shop by creating embeddable experiments for your landing pages which allow you to track real buying interest. No guessing !
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